Who is Norm?

Our answer, “everyone.”

We’re all Norm. And everyone has at least one thing in common: We are different.
Whether you are an athlete, musician, video game expert, or have just created your own style, we all have unique personalities, talents and interests to share with the world. We think that people should not have to fit a mold in order to fit into a classroom or community. We want the world to abandon its outdated perceptions of normalcy and learn to embrace and appreciate diversity among individuals. We want people to see that real inclusion can only happen by bringing together diverse groups of people and ensuring that everyone is supported, understood, and respected.

Our Mission:

We are united in our commitment to a world where people of various abilities have equal opportunities. We believe that diversity makes us stronger and that discrimination breaks us down. We know that hatred is a learned behavior and that we can all strive to rise above fear and prejudice. We understand firsthand what we gain when everyone is included in our schools and our communities and how much we lose when anyone is left out. If you want to join us, click here.