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Everyone should be fully included at school and in the community, here are some ways you can help:

Every Day

  • Be an inclusion leader by example. Make sure EVERYONE feels welcome in the hallway, lunchroom, in sports, at dances, at parties and other activities.
  • Be patient with people who have difficulty speaking or use technology to communicate.
  • Understand that some people have a hard time socializing because of their disability.

In the Community

  • Volunteer to work with or coach a group or team that includes children of diverse abilities.
  • Participate in inclusive recreational programs in your area.
  • Take steps to make your favorite hobbies or activities available and accessible to everyone.

In School

  • Start an I AM NORM group focused on promoting inclusion and fighting back against discrimination and bullying. Use the activities in this list as a starting point for your efforts.
  • Ask teachers and administrators how they are making your school inclusive and what you can do to help.

You can learn more about inclusion and download free resources on our inclusion resources page.